Happy New Year! I hope this post finds you all settling happily into a new year and that you had a blessed Christmas season.  Why the title of Happy New You, and weight-loss challenge?  Well, I would like to start 2017 off right and get my body, adrenals, and hormones into balance and what better way to do that then with some accountability partners!  So if you are tired of being tired, over-weight, or just feeling crummy, this Weight-loss challenge may be exactly what you need to Feel great in 2017!

On Monday, January 16, I will be starting a weight-loss challenge open to any and all participants.  This will be a 60 day challenge from January 16 to March 16.  The participants will meet at Natural Health of West Michigan on January 12,  to weigh in, get measured, purchase products needed for the challenge, receive handouts, and to have a Zyto bio-communication testing of foods, organs and glands.  There will be accountability meetings either online or in the office to keep everyone motivated and participating.

The cost per month is $149.95 for a total cost of $299.90 for the 60 day challenge.  The cost includes:  3 packages of Bone Broth Protein (Chocolate, Vanilla or Pure), 1 Turmeric liquid herb, 1 Rhodiola liquid herb, 1 T-Zone Health Fir Waist belt, handouts of diet and nutritional plan to reset the adrenal glands, and 2 Organ, Gland & Food health scans. If you are looking for a more cost effective solution for weight-loss and would like to do the Diet plan and health scans only, along with a group for accountability, the cost is $49.95 per month, with a 60 day total of $99.90.

Message, email or call me if you are interested in participating and I will order the products to have available on January 12.  I look forward to starting this year off right with you!