Do you have a child who has been potty trained for many years and they are still having a problem with bedwetting at night?  I have a client with a child who has been dealing with this very embarrassing issue for years now.  It is not only frustrating to the child but to the parents as well.  Adding stress at night time, not getting the proper amount of sleep for the child or the parent, and lots of extra laundry.   I recommended to the client to use 2 essential oils, Copaiba oil and Cypress oil along with Coconut oil on the child’s abdomen in the morning and in the evening before bed.  First you apply the coconut oil to the abdomen and then apply a couple drops of each essential oil on to the abdomen and rub the oils in.  After doing this for about 6 days the client’s child went a week and a half without wetting the bed at night, had a couple nights of wetness and then has been free from accidents ever since.  This simple and inexpensive solution can help your child too!

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