Weight-loss challenge- Happy New Year, Happy New You.

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Happy New Year! I hope this post finds you all settling happily into a new year and that you had a blessed Christmas season.  Why the title of Happy New You, and weight-loss challenge?  Well, I would like to start 2017 off right and get my body, adrenals, and hormones into balance and what better way to [...]

Health Scan helped client see the Correlation between poor health, work environment, and HEAVY METALS.

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A client came in to have a Health Scan and after the initial scan we noticed a Heavy Metal imbalance.  The client wanted to dig deeper and see exactly what Heavy metals were causing havoc in his body.  After we tested all the heavy metals one of the top metals out of balance was Aluminum.  The [...]

Clients child helped with bedwetting

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Do you have a child who has been potty trained for many years and they are still having a problem with bedwetting at night?  I have a client with a child who has been dealing with this very embarrassing issue for years now.  It is not only frustrating to the child but to the parents as [...]

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